Some background data, the planning application and council policies

The planning application from St Francis Social & Sports Club:

There are a number of documents that relate to this application – you can find them all here on the Mid Sussex District Council planning portal – along with any comments and letter from residents and councillors involved in the process. Please add your voice and comments to this!

And here are a few useful references documents, some of which are referenced in the planning application:

The leisure and culture strategy here :

Playing pitch strategy:

Open and recreation space assessment


Full report:

Haywards Heath Neighbourhood Plan can be found here:

Mid Sussex District Plan is here:










Will it be noisy?

As part of the planning application, the architects and design team have looked at the environmental impact of the proposed development. The report can be found here. Some residents have raised concerns that the ‘travelling’ impact of any music, sports or events has not been addressed in this – it seems only gardens adjacent to the pitches were monitored. Nothing was measured during football matches. (And of course, as there is no event venue there at present, there are no comparable music events taken into account).

Have your say here by 21 April if you have any comments or concerns.